Top Must-See Movies of 2024 | Your Ultimate Watchlist (Kids & Adults)

Published on 29 May 2024 at 22:48

Discover the top 10 must-see movies of 2024! From action-packed blockbusters to heartwarming dramas, explore the best films that should be on your watchlist this year. Don't miss out on these cinematic gems!


With 2024 in full swing, here are the top 10 movies you won't want to miss, each with a reason to grab your popcorn:


Dune: Part Two (Sci-Fi Action): Buckle up for the epic continuation of Denis Villeneuve's stunning adaptation of Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece. Witness Paul Atreides embrace his destiny amidst breathtaking visuals and action-packed battles. Why Watch: Experience the grand conclusion of a visually stunning space opera filled with political intrigue and epic battles for dominance.

A Quiet Place: Day One (Horror): Thrill to the prequel of the terrifying alien invasion saga. This movie throws you right into the heart of the first moments of the creatures' arrival, offering a fresh perspective on the chilling silence. Why Watch: For fans of the "A Quiet Place" series, this is a must-see to understand the origins of the horrifying alien threat.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (Action): Charlize Theron takes center stage in this prequel to the adrenaline-fueled Mad Max films. Dive into the action-packed backstory of the iconic warrior Furiosa in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Why Watch: Experience the high-octane action and world-building of the Mad Max universe with a strong female lead at the helm.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (Action): The apes are back on the big screen in a new chapter of the Planet of the Apes franchise. Witness the rise of a conflict between ape factions, showcasing stunning CGI and action sequences.

Why Watch: For fans of the Planet of the Apes series, this promises to be a visually stunning and action-packed return to the ape-dominated world.

The Fall Guy (Action): This remake of the beloved 1980s TV show brings a fresh spin to the story of a Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter. Expect action, humor, and a touch of nostalgia.

Why Watch: Enjoy a classic action-comedy with a modern twist, perfect for fans of the original series and those who love a good stunt-filled adventure.



Love Lies Bleeding (Action Thriller): A shroud of mystery surrounds this thriller from A24 films. The buzz is there's a captivating story and strong performances, but details are under wraps. Prepare to be surprised!
Why Watch: If you crave suspense and appreciate the enigmatic style of A24 films, this could be a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Bob Marley: One Love (Biography): Immerse yourself in the life and music of the legendary reggae icon Bob Marley. This biographical film promises a celebration of his music and impact on the world. 

Why Watch: For music lovers and those interested in Bob Marley's legacy, this is a chance to experience his story on the big screen.


Mean Girls (Comedy): Get ready to laugh out loud with this modern reimagining of the classic teen comedy "Mean Girls." Navigating the social jungle of high school gets a fresh update, promising hilarity for a new generation.
Why Watch: Fans of the original film can enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a modern twist, while newcomers can experience the timeless humor of high school cliques.



The Beekeeper (Thriller): This mysterious thriller has critics buzzing with anticipation. Led by a captivating performance, the film promises a suspenseful story that will keep you guessing.
Why Watch: If you enjoy mind-bending thrillers with strong acting, "The Beekeeper" could be the film to leave you on the edge of your seat.


Civil War (Historical Drama): Delve into a specific conflict within a larger war with this historical drama. While details are still emerging, it promises a thought-provoking exploration of the human cost of war.

Why Watch: For history buffs and those interested in the complexities of war, "Civil War" could be a powerful and thought-provoking film experience.


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The best TV shows of 2024 (so far) you need to stream



1. Shōgun (Disney+)


As a tense chess game between powerful warrior factions seeking control over a feudal realm, the comparisons with Game of Thrones are inevitable. But, boy, does Shōgun deliver on the brutal potential signposted in its opening episode – which delivers betrayals, beheadings, and even death by boiling. Inspired by real historical events from the climax of Japan’s ‘Warring States’ period (circa 1600), and otherwise based on James Clavell’s 1975 international bestselling novel (previously adapted as a mega-hit TV miniseries in 1980), Shōgun’s strength lies in its taut storytelling, rich production design, and nuanced performances from actors Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano, Anna Sawai and Cosmo Jarvis – all of whom are Emmy-worthy. It’s a gripping, gut-churning historical drama – and probably the best thing you’ll see on television this year.



2. Baby Reindeer (Netflix)


Richard Gadd’s darkly funny drama recounts its creator’s experience of being stalked and sexually assaulted in his twenties. But as Gadd, who impresses with his writing, acting and sheer, unsparing honesty, makes clear: Baby Reindeer is not your average, 1980s-style regressive Hollywood fantasy of female predation. What makes it such a jaw-dropping experience is how wannabe stand-up Donny, Gadd’s semi-fictionalised version of himself, implicates himself in his own anguish, his mishandling of Jessica Gunning’s deeply troubled Martha coming into sharp focus. It’s a show that threatens to have its own painful postscript, with online sleuths tracking down the ‘real’ Martha with dispiritingly predictable consequences.



3. One Day (Netflix)


Is this the definitive version of the modern-but-classic love story? Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall (The White Lotus) are perfect as Emma and Dexter, two students who meet-kinda-cute on July 15, 1988 – St Swithin’s Day – and whom we encounter again on the same day over the next two decades. The time jumps that make David Nicholls’ novel so unique add drama and uncertainty to a love story that’s by turns funny and gut-wrenching. And amid all the Blur-fuelled club nights and terrible noughties fashion choices, there’s real depth here too, with class divides, drug abuse, infidelity, and death all tackled head-on. Forget the 2011 movie, this one’s the real deal.



4. Ripley (Netflix)


Matt Damon was preppy and pandering in The Talented Mr. Ripley; Alain Delon slippery and seductive in Plein Soleil. Now Andrew Scott gives us a smirking, shadowy Tom Ripley – and the most complex version of Patricia Highsmith’s great interloper yet. As showrunner, Schindler’s List writer Steven Zaillian, of course, has the luxury of eight episodes – and countless glorious Italian locations – over which spin Highsmith’s yarn about a murderous conman and the unsuspecting Americans abroad that he preys upon. But with Robert Elswit’s high-contrast monochrome photography as crisp as a fresh banknote, it makes for a highly addictive mix of high style and murky morality. The ending is maestoso, too.



5. Masters of the Air (Apple TV+)


World War II on the ground was zero fun, as Band of Brothers and The Pacific have shown in visceral detail. Somehow it seems even uglier in the skies above Europe in this gripping, epic-scale Hanks-and-Spielberg miniseries threequel. It barrels through nine episodes of airborne carnage as its charismatic cast of flyboys (Austin Butler, Callum Turner and Nate Mann) brave frostbite, hypoxia, flak and Luftwaffe fighters to drop bombs on the Third Reich. The combat scenes are terrifying, the period detail is spot-on, and the characters are true to historian Donald L Miller’s source tome – gutsy twentysomethings doing their jobs and trying to stay alive in the process.



6. Mr & Mrs Smith (Prime Video)


How do you mix espionage action, comedy and the kind of marital fireworks usually found in awardsy dramas? Answer: get Donald Glover involved. The star and co-creator of this eight-part riff on the so-so Doug Liman action-comedy (and lesser-seen Scott Bakula/Maria Bello ’90s TV series) helps bring a knowing, but smirk-free wit to a premise that sets him and Pen15’s Maya Erskine up as two spies going incognito as a married couple. The action is slick, the locations are Gourmet Traveller-worthy, and the chemistry absurd. Look for a John Turturro appearance for the ages, too.



7. Hacks (Max)


Forget real-life comedians whining about being ‘cancelled’. Emotionally invest instead in Hacks double act Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder as the majestically monstrous (but softening rapidly) Deborah Vance and her prickly but hard-done-by co-writer Ava as they battle ageism, homophobia and actually career-derailing YouTube videos in a rabble-rousing third season that sets its sights on the late-night chat show world. Old school rapid-fire funny. 



8. Manhunt (Apple TV+)


The hipster-friendly feast of bushy mutton chops is just one reason to stream this enthralling and elegant period chase thriller. Another good one is The Crown’s Tobias Menzies’ lived-in performance as Edwin Stanton, Lincoln’s Secretary of War during the Civil War, who seeks to track down the man who assassinated the President: John Wilkes Booth. The latter is a vain actor and white supremacist played with sulky malevolence by Anthony Boyle (Masters of the Air). Booth has several days’ head start, but is slowly tracked down by the bloodhound Stanton and his Union pursuers across a war-riven landscape. Not just gripping telly, but a historically ironclad insight into how Reconstruction-era fudges caused many of modern America’s woes.



9. True Detective: Night Country (HBO/Sky Atlantic)


The best True Detective since season one, this frosty noir is set in an Alaskan town (but filmed in Iceland) that’s beset by permanent darkness, environmental worries, and the discovery of a giant ‘corpsicle’ of frozen scientists. Enter Jodie Foster’s cranky cop Liz Danvers to form a testy partnership with indigenous local trooper Kali Reis (Evangeline Navarro) and figure out how that giant human ice lolly came about. Foster is mesmerising as the hard-bitten cop, and showrunner Issa López, taking over from, and for some reason incurring the ire of original series creator Nic Pizzolatto, wrangles all the disparate threads into one satisfying thrillersicle.



10. Expats (Prime Video)


For once, Nicole Kidman isn’t the main drawcard of this slowburn Hong Kong drama. An adaptation of Janice YK Lee’s bestseller, it sees the Aussie great retreading familiar ground as grieving architect Margaret Woo dealing with a family tragedy – overfamiliar, perhaps, after all those well-heeled David E Kelley roles. Instead, its power lies in creator Lulu Wang’s skill in locating Margaret’s trauma within a fracturing expat community, without ignoring the hard-grafting immigrants who serve it. The fifth episode, a stunning feature-length affair, centres on the foreign domestic workers who keep this rarefied world from falling apart. Mostly.


Here are the top 10 kids' movies to look out for in 2024:


  1. Kung Fu Panda 4 - Po returns for more martial arts adventures, promising action and humor for all ages.
  2. Trolls Band Together - Poppy and Branch navigate new challenges and musical adventures.
  3. Despicable Me 4 - Gru and his family face new adventures and challenges.
  4. Orion and the Dark - A shy boy overcomes his fears with the help of a mysterious friend.
  5. The Tiger's Apprentice - A magical journey with Chinese American heritage and mythology.
  6. A Cat's Life - A heartwarming adventure of a kitten in Paris.
  7. Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate - Megamind must save Metro City from his former villain team.
  8. Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp - Woody faces new adventures at a summer camp.
  9. Garfield: The Movie - The lazy cat embarks on new, hilarious escapades.
  10. The School of Magical Animals 2 - A continuation of the charming, magical school adventures.


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